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Thursday, July 2, 2009


When I got a transfer out of my place I was shocked and unhappy. I am a middle aged man and I was enjoying my life. A beautiful wife, Geetha, a big house and both children studying near home made my life comfortable. Sex between us was becoming rarer now but still I used to wait for the nights when Geetha would take me into her hands and we will have a long relaxed kissing sessions listening to Geetha’s gossip about her colleagues and complaints. (names changed)

I joined at my job in the new place which is a medium sleepy town. I was looking for a small, neat house which can be maintained easily. Luckily I got a small first floor house with two nice rooms and a kitchen. The owner was a very well off man in his sixties, his wife, Vrinda, around 55-57(later on I came to know that she is 56), their married daughter, Reena, of about 30 and her two year-old son, rohit Reena was in Dubai, but since her husband had gone to Kuwait to join a new job, he had to tour a lot in his new job. So she opted to stay with her parents for some time till her husband got comfortable at Kuwait. I found the couple pleasant but Reena was aloof, serious and irritable. I had a side entrance to my part of the residence opening to a big hall. The hall has also a door to the ground floor where the owner lived which is kept locked from their part. I used to leave for my home in Ernakulam on Saturdays to return on Monday morning. Slowly the family started to recognize me as their friend and I used to spend my evening with them watching TV or playing cards with the couple and sharing few pegs with Mr. Nair. Reena would be mostly tending to the child or reading books or listening to music. I was slightly attracted towards Vrinda who is a charming and bubbly woman though older than me. As time went by they kept opened the inside door to my house so that I can go down and be with them and they can use the big hall or terrace to dry their clothes or cereals. I also started sharing breakfast and dinner with them and play with Reena’s son, Rohit.

One day when I went down to breakfast only Reena was there. It was mid-week and a holiday. It was too short to travel to Ernakulam to join my family and I opted to stay back. I was looking forward to a long day thinking to finish a new novel. I asked Reena where others had gone. She replied that her parents had gone early in the morning to Guruvayoor to attend to some wedding and they had forgotten to mention me about their trip in the previous night. Rohit was sleeping in Reena’s bed room. Since she was a serious type I didn’t talk much to her. She is as tall as me, has a round beautiful face, shoulder high hair but very fat and very fair. On the contrary her mother was of average built, plump. Reena would wear Kurtha-churidar without dupatta. She has vary BIG boobs but still very agile for her body type. After finishing her meagre breakfast when she was taking her utensils to the kitchen zinc she brushed on my back with her boobs. I was jolted with her spongy brush and felt erotic. She might have sensed my excitement for when she returned she deliberately brushed me again with her boobs. I didn’t take any initiative; one thing is that I am quite older than her and then I was afraid of the repercussions if she did not respond positively. When I finished my breakfast she came very near me in the guise of removing left over utensils and pouring coffee for me. She had never done this before to me and I felt she was taking ages in arranging the utensils to remove. She had obviously taken a bath in the morning because I could smell the talcum soap and shampoo from her. Slowly I also leaned on her and kept my hands on her buttocks. She didn’t object and I got emboldened to proceed. I got up and caressed her lavish hair. She sighed deeply and asked me to wash my hands. When I finished washing my hands at the zinc she came to me offering the towel. I dried my hands and instead returning the towel I dragged her towards. She was not prepared for that and almost fell on me. I started kissing her face and we French kissed for a long time. By this time my junior had become steady and poking her crotch and buttocks. She started groping for junior and in the melee my dhoti got unknotted and since I was not wearing underwear I was naked except for my tee-shirt. She grabbed my junior and started pressing and releasing it. I groped my tongue inside her ear and she was getting hotter. She then dragged me by my junior towards her parents’ bed room since Rohit was sleeping in the other room. It was like leading a calf to its stable. When we reached the bed she sat down and brushed my junior all over her face tenderly. She caressed my balls tenderly and kissed my penis. She held my penis in her soft hands and went on planting kisses. My penis started bulging. She peeled off my foreskin to its base and started licking the red exposed flesh. One globlet of crystal clear pre-cum appeared from my penis-slit. She licked it with the tip of her tongue and when draw back her tongue one end of the drop of the cum stuck to my penis and the other end stayed with her tongue. She looked at me and smiled shyly. That was the first time I saw her smiling. She put both the soft hands around my shaft and started sucking back and forth. I removed my tee-shirt over my head and started caressing her bobbing head. I was excited and moaning and shouted that I was going to cum. She moved head faster, back and forth, back and forth, fully concentrating on my shaft and seconds before my ejaculation took my penis out from her mouth. In a bid to avoid the spurt she wanted to close the penis-slit with her thumb. By the time I let out my cum with a big cry. While her thumb took some, major part of jutting cum hit her eye-lashes and part of her face. Had it not been for her reflexes the cum would have directly hit her eyes. I was completely exhausted, my limbs felt wobbly and I leaned on her head and slowly fell to her lap and put my face on her vaginal valley and breathing in long bursts. She caressed me and leaned forward resting her big boobs and head on my back patting on my buttocks. When I regained my breath and shoved her back, sat to her side and started kissing her over my cum which by thinly spread over her face. I wiped her face with my tee shirt and planted lot of kisses on her face and did a French kiss. I squeezed her big boobs over her cream coloured kurtha. I removed her Kurtha over her head and untied her churidar bringing down the cloth. I freed her boobs from bra which had sagged a lot because of their mammoth size. I squeezed the boobs and started sucking the brown nipple from one boob. With one hand I was trying to shove the panties down to which she cooperated to remove by raising her buttocks and removing it with one leg by shoving it down. Now I laid her on the bed and started licking my way down. I licked her belly lavishly and she was giggling at some times and sighing sometimes. Her clit was partially visible within her big thighs. I was disappointed to note that she was completely shaven. I like hairs in armpits and pussy area.I used to feel horny watching the shiny black pubic hairs. I thought in mind that if our relationship lasted long I would request her to grow hair around her pussy. I parted her thighs to reveal her love hole. She had a small cunt inside her hole. I started jabbing her hole with my pointed tongue and started licking her clit. She was shaking her bums to get the exact position for my tongue and moaning. Momentarily she found position of my jabbing and became still and relaxed. She spread her thighs more to get me more space. I caught her palm locked my fingers with hers, pressing hard. With right hand using my thumb and index finger started rubbing her cunt. Her juices started flowing and tasted sour. Some times she would raise her thighs and shook them like rattle snake. Within minutes she hit her first orgasm and grasped my head in a tight lock with her thighs and pushed my head further into her hole. When the orgasm subsided she whimpered and pulled my hair and dragged my face up to plant lots of kisses on my juice-drenched face. When the first excitement was over she loosened her grip of my head and closed her eyes. I put my ears on her belly listening to her gasps and sighs and I was holding her boobs like the horns of a bull. After a few minutes I raised my head laid over her without putting my weight on her and looking intently on her face. She opened her eyes and seeing my face over hers hid her face in her hands. I was trying to remove her hands playfully and she would try to cover her face. I dropped the play and lay by her side. My tool had become erect again. I was rubbing by tool on her thighs. She curled her hands around my tool and I got up to position my tool in her hole. She guided my tool to her hole. Her hole was very tight and it would not go in. I was surprised at the tightness since she was living with her husband for three years and she had mothered a child. I was getting desperate to offload my cum and I was not getting to put it in. I tried to enter her little by little and at last I succeeded in entering her fully. She was also comfortable now. I started riding her, slowly increasing the speed. Her big boobs became spread and flat and her nipples were shaking up and down. I continued my pumping watching her big belly dancing to my movement and then the pleasure moved to my groin to pump my semen in spurts inside her moist darkness. Sensing my climax she embraced me tightly and locked her legs over my bums. With a loud groan I fell on her flatly without forcing my weight on her feeling her waves of climax. Both of us were gasping in long breaths and when we regained I fell sideways. Both of us were embracing each other tightly. I put my slender thigh over her fair fat thighs and the contrast was very visible; my dark thighs resting on her fair thighs. We slowly went into a slumber. I woke up when I felt small hands slapping me. She also opened her eyes suddenly. We found Rohit slapping me playfully. Both of us were completely nude lying embracing each other. Reena got embarrassed, pulled a bed sheet to cover us and then dragged Rohit and placed him between us. I felt jealous and kissed her and both of us started playing with Rohit. First time after staying with the family I found Reena relaxed and happy.

After some time she got up to tidy and wash and started to cook lunch. I helped her in the kitchen kissing her some times and stealing kisses from Reena when Rohit was not around. Post lunch she joined me with Rohit and we slept blissfully in each others hands.

When I got up Reena and Rohit were not with me. Some time in the evening Nair and Vrinda came back I went for a walk in the evening and met Vrinda downstairs watering her garden and exchanged plesantaries. She seemed little uncomfortable with me. Before taking lunch I took a bath and when washing my penis I found some red marks on penis which were obviously teeth marks when Reena was sucking me.
When I joined Nair and Vrinda for dinner the uncomfortable feeling was still there with them as if they guessed something hadhappened between me and Reena when they were away. Reena seemed a completely changed woman who was singing and petting Rohit. As days passed by they even recognized our relationship and Reena started sharing my bedroom leaving Rohit with Vrinda when she wanted sex. Vrinda even caught us smooching in the darkness on terrace and she also witnessed our fucking when we forgot to close the door. Then one day I got a chance to have sex with Vrinda when Nair took Reena to her in-law’s home. It was a long cherished dream come true because I was looking forward to matured sex with Vrinda as compared to the aggressive sex with Reena. I would like to share my time with Vrinda next time. Meanwhile please give your feedback on my experiences.

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