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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bhabi ki mastani chudai

Hi , amm from Bangalore .I’m a 6 feet tall guy with all muscle because I work out every day. I have a nice bicep & women stare at my arms when I go out. So my real life experience start here there was married lady who used to stay in front of a cyber café where I used to visit frequently .she used to watch me when I used to surf as I sat on a system close to the window. Every time she used to come out of the house using some reason to watch me. This happened every day now whenever I saw her she started to smile so it seems like an invitation to me. Her name was Ranjita she was a busty lady with huge bust line. She had probably 40d size breast with 24waist &36 ass. What an awesome combination. Whenever her hubby used to go out of station she immediately changed her looks .she used to wear tight top& jeans otherwise she would be in sarees. I knew her hubby did not know this .So once her hubby was out of station & it was weekend so I went to cyber café bit late .she had gone out a came after some time and saw me through window & made sign to call me to her house. I was bit nervous but still I went in she closed the door from behind & asked me to sit. She made me comfortable, now we chatted long time. Then she asked me to stay for night, as she was alone. I denied her offer reluctantly. Then she squeezed her boobs and said " Please stay for my sake." I had to oblige. She touched my chest over my t-shirt & was amazed to see my huge chest & arms and asked me to show my body, as her husband was thin physically. I always wanted to show my stuff & here was my chance, I asked her to to see for herself. So she came near me and removed my t-shirt and seeing my upper body said "Wow!" She kissed me on my chest, which made it even bigger. I said her chest was bigger than mine but she denied it so I said take ur t shirt & let us compare so I took her t shirt off & she was standing wearing 38 d cup bra on 40 cup bust which gave me instant hard on on my 7 inch tool. This she observed and started to rub over my jeans. I clasped her from behind but she made me sit on the bed. Then she made some erotic dance & slowly removed her jeans . I tied to remove her bra but she moved away from me and turned around to show me her juicy ass. Slowly she removed her pantie, threw it in my direction. I was horny and she was making me mad. Then she removed her bra and came near me and I removed it using my teeth. Her bust was awesome and invited me to suck it, but before I could do that she made me nude and was awe struck by its size. I went near her and kissed her. She responded and we exchanged our mouth juices. Then I held her bust & squeezed them hard & she moaned in ecstasy as she was liking it she asked me to suck her so I using my tongue licked her nipples & made circles she was moaning I licked her and squeezing her hard. She held my tool and pulled the upper skin down and bent down took it in her mouth and gave me blowjob of a life time. Then I told her I wanted to suck her pussy so I made her lie down and started to lick her pusssy while holding her bust. Then she came and I licked her juices and begged me to fuck her. So came on top of her and rubbed my tool over her pussy . She was crying to enter her pussy and fill it because she was not satisfied by her hubby. I entered her with my erect penis and began to stroke slowly at he beginning & then faster till I came .She was enjoying the fuck and called me bad names as my tool was hurting her. After I cum I was tired I removed my tool from her cunt. She licked it clean. I lied beside her but she told me she had a surprise for me so after 10 minutes she came with candles and a belt. She put a bed sheet on the floor and lighted all the candles around it. This made me horny and I wanted to have it one more time. But she said that this time she wants it her way to which I easily agreed. So she took a round pillow and asked me to lie down on my back then she rubbed my cock to make it hard Then she put my penis in her cunt and sat on me facing me and she took my hand and placed it on her boobs which I started to squeeze. They were very big which made my dick even harder .I squeezed those boobs. Then she took one candle and started to pour hot wax on my chest! This burnt my skin but I was enjoying it the she poured honey and licked my chest. I applied some honey on her bust & licked her boobs which made Ranjita scream in ecstacy. Ranjita then poured more hot wax and then took the belt and put it round my neck. Then she started to ride on my cock using the belt to balance. I was squeezing her bust and then after 20 minutes I came inside her again. It was late then we slept in same position where I had my dick in her cunt. The next morning her sister came but more of that threesome in my next session. Please right to me at by all horny women married or otherwise for. ……Ladies in Bangalore this is for


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